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A few months before their big day, I had the privilege of photographing Inia & Lou’s engagement session. We got together in Asbury Park, New Jersey during a beautiful August evening and had some fun!


I enjoy spending time with each and every couple that I photograph, and I especially love hearing similarities that I share with them! With Inia & Lou, the similarity lies in the fact that Inia is the dreamer and Lou is the realist. The same is true with me (the dreamer) and my husband (the realist). 

Inia & Lou met through work back in 2015. Inia remembers seeing Lou for the first time, sitting in the back of the meeting room, and feeling this sensation that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Remaining professional friends for a few years, the two met for some drinks in late 2017…and the rest is history! 

Their love story has evolved since then, and they are only weeks away from becoming husband and wife!

Now, four years after first laying eyes on each other in that meeting room, Inia says that Lou still  gives her butterflies and warms her heart. SO PRECIOUS!



I was able to witness their love first-hand as we strolled through Asbury Park during their relaxing engagement session. Inia modeled a beautiful blush dress, and Lou wore a checkered blazer with a pink button-up shirt. 

I love it when my clients complement each other so well, not only in their outfit choice, but also in their relationship!


I learned that Inia & Lou both share many common interests, goals, and characteristics. They are both competitive, value spending time with family (both are the “middle child”), and love animals, books, and traveling. 

However, the saying “opposites attract” can still be said for Inia & Lou. Due to their commonalities, this couple tends to annoy one another every now and then (don’t we all?!), but they balance each other out with their differences. When Inia, the dreamer, has a vision, Lou, the realist, knows how to execute it. These two make a great team.

This dynamic duo will make their vows to one another in a romantic and elegant wedding ceremony in October. If Inia looks half as stunning in her wedding gown as she did during their engagement session, I don’t imagine that there will be a dry eye in the church! 

Inia & Lou, thank you so much for the fun evening during your engagement session, filled with joy and laughter. It was such a pleasure to see your shared excitement for your upcoming wedding. I can’t wait to capture the next chapter of your love story!

Myra Roman is a New Jersey wedding photographer and destination wedding photographer who loves capturing beautiful moments and turning them into lasting memories. Myra is now interviewing couples for weddings in 2019 and 2020! View her website for more information or follow her on Instagram!


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Your wedding day should be full of joy, celebration, and love - not stress! I've created this Perfect Wedding Timeline just for you so you can truly enjoy every moment of your special day (and that amazing cake you picked out)!

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