WillowWood Arboretum, NJ Engagement | Vinnie + Bree

Vinnie and Bree’s Session was so much fun, these two I can have conversation with all day long from business to makeup tips. They were SO much fun to work with and SO down for all the “fun” ideas we got to capture.


Vinnie and I are huge Disney fans in fact that’s actually how we meet. We were on a Facebook Disney group and some how or the other I saw his post online about a Disney pin and we just started talking. Our first date was Disney world I use to live in Florida. So long story short we are huge Disney people that’s how we connected that’s the first place we had our date. So Disney puns brought us together. So Vinnie decided to propose with a Disney board with all these rare Disney pins he hunted down for me and put it on a board saying will you marry me at his grandparents time share in Sarasota Florida. He wanted to keep it family based and add the Disney to it. He really is a shy guy so doing it at Disney would be too much for him. So he proposed in his grandparents time share . He went down on one knee while I was walking in from the beach and I saw the Disney board saying will you marry me and him with the ring in the other hand.