Princeton University, NJ Engagement | Sophia + Levanes

Sophia and I lived in the same town and attended the same high school. When she reached out to me in the beginning of my wedding photography career, we always joked around that when she found her perfect mate, she would contact me. Without a doubt, I received an email from her all the way from Greece. Gosh, the thought of capturing her day is a dream, but it is even more rewarding capturing this day. How did I get to lucky to have such an amazing couple in my life?

Sophia and Levanes have been friends for 15 years and has the same circle of friends but they never thought the starts will aligned them perfectly at the most unexpected moment.

We roamed through Princeton University to find the perfect balance of historic and garden landscape which we were extremely happy about. As wee kept on walking, we found a perfect spot to capture their love.

Keep in mind they were from the same island in Greece. Well, here’s the proposal story from Sophia. “He proposed to me on our Island in Greece. We went to dinner on the water and then we were driving home. I had a feeling it would happen but began to doubt It when we left the restaurant and drove home. He then drove past my house and up the mountain to the church I once mentioned was my favorite. We then walked all the way up to a cross on the mountain and looked at the stars thats when he asked me to be his wife.” I mean cannot be more specific about that view…

I had so much fun exploring Princeton University with these two love birds! Sophia and Levanes, THANK YOU so much for letting me capture the most importanr day of your life!!! I cannot wait to capture your HUGE greek wedding at the beautiful Crystal Plaza. I know your day will be so dreamy!!