Millington, NJ | Devon + Scott

He was my brother Will's best friend in highschool - two little metal heads. My brother and I are like twins and he would always invite me to shows with him. My first concert he ever took me to was a Ozzy/Rob Zombie show and the meadowlands as a Christmas present. Scott was there and he gave me my first shot - I thought it was called the Tigeress but he always corrects me (I have not idea what it was actually called). I was 14 while Scott and Will were 18. I thought Scott was sooo cute - although he said I thought all the boys were cute. He thought I was just his friend's dorky little sister. After four years worth of concerts, the summer before I went to college, we were tailgating at Ozfest and I was head banging to Pantera - it caught his attention. 12 years, 5 dogs, 1 apartment, 1house, 1 cat, and a couple of fights later we got engaged. 

Scott & Devon! Thank you so much for inviting me to your private home and most importantly for allowing me to photograph the biggest and most important day of your life!! I cannot wait to shoot your wedding at Napoleon House next August.