Roselle City Hall Elopement: Geraldia + Joseph

This sweet couple made for one stunning wedding day! From the moment I laid eyes on them the love they shared was obvious—you could almost feel it radiating between them. And not to mention they have the most darling little girl. I couldn’t stop smiling every time she caught my eye. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the same way as soon as you lay eyes on sweet little Aubrey!

Joe and Geri, it was an absolute honor to take these photos for you and to help you captures such special memories for your family.


These newlyweds have one of the cutest “how we got together” stories. They knew each other since childhood when both their families lived in the Philippines. Admittedly, Geri was the “outgoing bratty little girl” and Joe was the “laid back chill little boy.” But as they grew up and grew closer they proved that opposites do attract. And when they both went off to college they realized that they had something special between them. A lifelong friendship had transformed into something more.

Geri and Joe embrace the spontaneity of life at every turn. This is evident by how they look back so fondly on their first date turning into a covert operations mission. Because their families were close they didn’t want to let them know they were dating until they were sure of where the relationship was going. So when they saw Joe’s cousin at the same movie theater as they were Geri dashed into the bathroom to hide, allowing Joe’s cousin only the briefest glimpse of her. And even today Joe’s cousin is still convinced it was someone else!

And my heart melted when Geri told me about how Joe proposed. It sounded like an absolutely perfect day for this special couple. He attempted to recreate one of their first dates (which she considers one of her favorite days), and surprised Geri with a trip to Six Flags. Geri had no idea and excitedly rushed Joe from ride to ride—while Joe had to convince her to slow down so he could ask that all important question. Fortunately, he was able to get down on one knee (5 roller coasters later!) and ask her to be his wife. Spoiler alert: she said yes!


And, you guys, the wedding? Oh my gosh. It was so gorgeous my eyes still get misting just remembering that special day! From the ceremony that didn’t leave a dry eye in the house (or maybe that was just me??)  and the joy they shared with family and friends, I was just overjoyed to be a part of it.

Their families are so important to them and they cherish the fact that their wedding bands belonged to Joe’s parents. His dad has passed on, so having these treasured rings as a reminder of his love and presence—even though he’s no longer physically with them—is beyond beautiful. It’s a powerful reminder to love strongly and deeply and to appreciate every moment we have with the ones we love.

As I captured Geri and Joe’s wedding and the cherished moments between their stunning family, my heart felt so full. I’m so excited to continue to see what else their future has in store.



Cheers to them and to a long, happy life together!

WeddingMyra Roman