Featured: Reverie Gallery

   It was Thursday morning when I received an email from Reverie Gallery. I nervously opened my email and quickly clicked on the linked and found the feature. My smile was from ear to ear, my happiness of being noticed. Okay, so I cried, quietly in my patient room. I wanted to jump up and down, but i can't. I had to get myself together and respect the quietness of the hall. 

  This fall I had an opportunity to photograph Eliana and Randy's engagement on top of the moutain. It was just all dream and they made it all come true for me. We decided to hike at Norvin Green State Forest two hours before the sunset.

I was incredibly honored and I am so happy. You can see more of their engagement photos here.

"you can't find your passion if you don't push through pain." -Jeff Goins

Myra Roman