Hello, I’m Myra! It’s a pleasure to find you here as I think it’s important to know a little about me and help you feel comfortable before our journey together. I’m from Manila, Philippines and currently live in New Jersey.  I am a mother of two beautiful children that I love so much. We love to spend our free time with friends and family to capture the candid moments that reminds me how blessed I am.

It all started about 2 years ago. The amount of emotion and connections I witnessed with every photo made me realize photography is my passion. Being able to freeze these special moments became a part of my dream. The style I try to accomplish is reflected upon the relationship and affection between each other.
I live a dream of love and laughter and I am compassionate towards everything I encounter. I love the beauty of nature and I enjoy the simplest thing in life.



 The picture I see behind the lens tells a story of each and every person. The love and passion I have for photography expands with each couple I’ve worked with. To achieve what you and what I love is to begin with your trust and faith in me. I have had the pleasure to be a part of people’s perfect day, and would love to be a part of yours!

It excites me to find the connections that exist between you and your loved ones and to create those connections as images. I capture the moments of the day but memories of a lifetime. I would like for you to remember in your head and feel the emotions in your heart when you see “the book” of memories in your hands.

 Hope to hear from you soon! :)